Service & Care Options

Whether you're looking for intensive rehabilitation to help you recover after surgery, an accident, cardiac event or stroke or are seeking longer-term, skilled nursing care, our dedicated team offers a wide continuum of healthcare services that balance the celebration of life with compassionate care. We understand that finding a center that meets your personal needs is extremely important and feeling comfortable and safe in a healing environment is the best way to recover. At our center, we believe in helping people live better by providing quality care with dignity and respect, while enhancing the lives of each individual. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have related to the services listed below.

Healthcare Management

  • Short-Term Care
  • Traditional/Long-Term Care
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Respiratory Services
  • Infusion Therapies
  • Comprehensive Wound Care Therapies
  • Palliative Care Services
  • Renal Disease Services
  • Cancer Recovery Services
  • Digestive Disease Support

Support Services

Patient and Resident Advocacy

Clinical and Financial Resource Assistance

Patient, Family and Caregiver Education

Care Transition Planning and Support

Extend to Home

To help instill confidence that health and well-being will be maintained after discharge from our center, our Extend to Home program provides a home wellness plan that includes regular follow-up with patients to assist in a smooth transition home and/or offer additional assistance after discharge. During a patient's stay, therapists provide training and tips on how to continue the rehabilitation and strengthening process at home and nurses give instruction on how to successfully manage any ongoing medical needs. Our staff also educates patients on community resources, as well as other safety considerations.

Be Our Guest Enhanced Dining

Focusing on culture change and customer satisfaction, this newly designed service model provides attractive meals, delivered by courteous staff in a pleasant dining environment. Encouraging resident choice, Be Our Guest strives to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for each individual, regardless of their health condition or physical limitations – helping to improve nutritional intake and clinical outcomes. As part of this program, our staff offers personal choices as to the time and location of meals, as well as catering to the individual food preferences of each resident, offering additional menu selections and a café menu that features "favorite" items.

Gold Platter Award Winner

Awarded this honor in 2011, our center takes dining to the next level with restaurant-style dining and point-of-service menu selections. Our staff has received culinary and hospitality skills training to deliver quality meals in an atmosphere that caters to resident choice. Our center also has a professionally-trained chef.

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