Coronavirus Information

Cornerstone Update Regarding COVID-19

At Cornerstone, the safety of our residents, families, and staff is our TOP priority, and necessitates the need to keep all informed of the continuous changes occurring within the skilled nursing environment.  While we have yet to have a positive case at any of our centers, we are proactively working on solutions to solve problems brought on by the daily changes to how we have traditionally run our patient care.  

Government National Emergency Enforces New Restrictions to all Our Visitors
  • Significantly restricting visitors and nonessential personnel.
  • Restricting communal activities within the facilities and communities.
  • All individuals other than essential health care staff and visits for end-of-life situations, should no longer enter facilities until further notice.

To meet these guidelines, we have:

  • Restricted ALL visitors, volunteers and non-essential health care personnel except for those compassionate care situations, such as end-of-life.
    • Visits for end-of-life situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, which includes meeting our monitoring and screening process, using personal protective equipment (PPE), hand hygiene by the visitor, and a specified visiting locations within the center.
  • Canceled all group activities and communal dining.
  • Requested all residents to remain in house, not signing themselves out, or leaving our premises with loved ones unless they are being discharged from the facility.
  • Continue our active screening of residents and health care providers of symptoms related to COVID-19 such as temp above 100.4 and/or existing respiratory symptoms
    • Testing kits are now available for use if recommended by the Primary care Physicians, Physician Extenders or Medical Directors

Recommendations to stay in touch with your loved one during this time

  • While calls to the Facility are still a method of reaching your loved one, due to increased call volume, we recommend the below methods to keep in touch as well.
    • Where applicable utilize free voice and video chat apps accessible via cell phones, IPad, Kindles, tablets, laptops, or other supported electronic devices.  Examples such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. 
    • Request to Schedule calls with your loved one.  In some capacities, video chat can be provided. 
  • With that said, we have noticed many families trying to visit with their loved ones through windows. While well intended, this may be unsettling for many of our residents and we ask that you refrain from doing.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your center and we will be more than happy to assist you and your family in any way we can. We thank you all for your support and patience while we work to keep everyone safe.

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